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Multiplatinum: Rock & Roll, Grammy, and Vocal Group Hall of Fame Artist

A Legacy in Motion

Since 1953

     People often ask, “Who are The Platters? Are these the real Platters? Are there any original Platters left?  Is there more than one Platters group?”


     Why does The Platters vocal group, born more than half a century ago, currently have their classic hits featured on contemporary motion picture and television soundtracks such as; My Prayer, on the Oscar®-nominated motion picture The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Twilight Time on 20th Century FOX’s The X-Files; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes on an international advertising campaign for car manufacturer Honda’s “Odyssey” brand; and The Great Pretender, on FOX’s Emmy Award-winning Series Empire?

      The Platters 21st century injection into today’s music scene continues to open the hearts and minds of new generation music consumers instilling the rich vocal and historic traditions that make these timeless melodies relevant to worldwide fans of all ages.

     To completely understand this statement and to answer the questions posed, we must first understand the HISTORY of this legendary vocal group.  There is now only ONE legally authorized "The Platters" vocal group to perform around the world today.  If you see the famous registration mark ® after the name in all forms of visual media then you know you’re experiencing the authentic vocal group that is part of The Platters historical lineage!



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Timeless Hits Include

"Only You (And You Alone)""Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", and "The Great Pretender",


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